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Sai J

Aaron's been a huge help when it comes to growing my Instagram following. This course is worth its weight in gold as it helped me take out a lot of the guess work when things aren't going the right way, and took me from zero understanding of using these systems to a very high level. Thanks Aaron!

Sai J

Any Of These Sound Familiar?

You're Active On Instagram Daily Engaging with Users But See Nothing in Return

You're Uploading Good Quality Content But Still See No Growth & Engagement

You Feel Like Instagram Has Hidden You From Being Discovered

Firstly it's not your fault!

Instagram changes week by week without warning, change logs, or even a support area to help you.

The worst part:

Instagram can unfairly stop your growth out of nowhere if you don't help them gain revenue by doing specific actions and profile optimization techniques.

If you are not optimizing your Instagram profile for discovery and engagement triggers...

Instagram will reduce your reach...

...which turns into snail-pace growth and no one engaging with your brand, which sucks.

So what you need is a formula that is proven to work with what Instagram wants you to do...

Instagram's Algorithm Growth Formula looks like this:

Topical Authority Ranking


Instagram's Unicorn "Goodness Score"


Fast & Targeted Follower Growth

Oh and this isn't some random formula.

It's a proven system that Instagram developers have talked about in publications that explain how Instagram works "under the hood"...

...and when you start using this formula...the results are awesome:

Example of Instagram Masterminds Student Results

+ 4,110 Monthly Followers Gained

Example of Instagram Masterminds Student Results

+ 3,030 Monthly Followers Gained

Introducing Instagram Masterminds: An Algorithm-Friendly Growth System to Gain Engaged Followers Fast

Here's what you will find inside of this online course:

50+ In-depth Instagram Growth & Marketing Training Videos

A Private Supportive Community To Help You Succeed

Updated Algorithm Tested Strategies That Work And Get You Real Results

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What's Inside The Training

You'll get instant access to the training for life, with free updates included (which happen frequently)

Understanding Instagram's Algorithm

Learn exactly how Instagram is built and how it ranks your Instagram profile using the Unicorn Social Graphic and Topical Authority systems. This is critical to your success and will give you power over the marketing decisions you make.

Creating Quality Engaging Content

Learn how to create high quality content without spending lots of money or time. In addition, you'll learn how to write captions to boost engagement and other algorithm friendly tricks to increase your posts reach, which results in more followers!

Reaching The Explore Page

Discover the unspoken methods of turning your profile into an algorithm radar worthy profile. The result... more organic promotion and higher rankings on Instagram in hashtags and the explore page.

Boosting Hashtag Impressions

Learn how to create a set of hashtags that deliver results (more impressions and a larger reach). Also learn how to find these hashtags quickly on the go, and apply them correctly to your posting strategy to avoid shadowbans.

Converting Followers Into Sales

Many businesses and brands do this wrong. You'll get hands on training that has helped 100+ businesses generate over $100,000's in sales. Learn how to correctly use Instagram to generate talk and hype behind your products, and how to convert people into customers.

Gaining Real Targeted Followers

Finally, you'll learn the best methods (algorithm friendly) to quickly gain real targeted Instagram followers who will be excited that they discovered you, and will also engage with your content. You'll also learn how to use other platforms and social-psychology to increase engagement.

You'll Also Get Free Advanced Training Worth $479+

Over $497 of extra training to ensure you are fully equipped to grow and market on Instagram.

Normally $199

Instagram Advertising Mastery

Learn how to create Instagram advertisements which generate you even more followers and sales or leads for your business! You'll be walked through every step on how to create an ad from scratch, plus advanced methods of re-targeting.

Normally $97

Advanced Instagram Automation

Learn how to setup Instagram automation tools safely with the best advanced settings. You'll learn about proxies, VPS's, blocks, and other advanced techniques that will help you optionally grow your account passively.

Normally $199

Instagram Sales & Lead Generation

Learn how to turn your follower growth efforts into real business growth by converting your profile visitors into email list subscribers and sales for your business. You'll be walked through all the steps and be shown how to setup the tools.

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Results Instagram Mastermind Students Are Getting

Who Instagram Masterminds Is For

While IGM works for any niche or topic, and any type of profile. It's best for these people in mind:

Business Owners

Looking to increase your social proof and awareness on Instagram while generating leads and sales?

Personal Profiles

If you are looking to just gain followers & increase engagement, this course has got you covered.

Profile Managers

If you're managing multiple accounts and want a go-to strategy that's always up-to-date, this course is your fix.

Creatives & Artists

This course is great if you're looking to increase your reach and get your work in front of more eyes.

This Training is NOT For...

Non Action Takers

If you take this course and don't try any of the strategies, you're not going to get any results and will be wasting your time.


These strategies are not to be used to spam Instagram or sell 'cheap' products. They're for real marketers who want to make a difference.


Instagram can be a pain in the ass and everyone knows this. If you're going to join our community and complain, we have 0 tolerance and you won't fit in. #sorry

Your Instructor: Aaron Ward

A little about me, and how I designed my Instagram Growth System

Aaron Ward

I've been growing profiles to 100,000's of followers with high engagement for over 3+ years...

...for a big variety of businesses, niches, and personal brands.

During this time I've helped dozens of profiles gain:

  1. 100,000's of followers
  2. 6+ figures in sales
  3. Thousands of leads for their business

I've also managed to help over 42,000+ Instagram users through my free and paid online courses.

I put together Instagram Masterminds to give you all my knowledge in a quick and easy to digest training that gives you no fluff and real results.

You'll find all my actionable strategies for organic growth, as well as my expertise in the automation world that I've used across many re-posting niche accounts.

I highly recommend that if you want to learn whats working now on Instagram, and want to grow your followers and engagement whilst turning them into customers...

...then Instagram Masterminds is going to be a great investment.

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Enroll With Confidence Knowing You Have a 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that you will like Instagram Masterminds that I’m willing to give you all your money back if you don’t. You can join Instagram Masterminds  100% risk free because if for any reason you are unhappy with this program, notify us within 60 days of your purchase at aaron@aaronward.com and you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked! While over 970+ students have already joined and loved every part of this course, we want to make sure you are happy with your purchase and made the right investment for yourself.

Get Started Now & Get Access To

In-depth Video Training

That walk you step-by-step through growing your Instagram followers & engagement.

3 Bonus Modules

Worth $497+ to help you fully master Instagram marketing, sales, and growth.

Private Support Group

To have support and encouragement every step of the way as you grow your account.

Free Lifetime Updates

Every update made to the course or new lesson added is 100% free of charge.

Support From Aaron

During office hours (10am-6pm EST Monday-Friday) I'll be answering your questions.

Instant Lifetime Access

You pay once and get lifetime access to the course, no hidden fees or subscriptions.

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Pick the plan that suits you, and get instant access to Instagram Masterminds!

Payment Plan

3 Monthly Payments Of


Lifetime Course Access

3 Bonus Modules

Private Group Access

Free Updates

Support From Aaron (Instructor)

Bonus Profile Video Review (Normally $50)

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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If You Decide To Not Join Instagram Masterminds...

Destroy Your Algorithm Score

Even clients I've helped who think they've done everything correctly make vital mistakes because they don't understand how the algorithm truly works — don't let this be you.

Stuck With Slow Growth

If things are not working for you now, then it's time to invest and learn a strategy that gets results. Instagram Masterminds will help you do this, and it doesn't require endless hours of your time.

Miss Out On New Customers

If you don't have a working strategy in place and don't know how to correctly convert profile visitors or followers into customers...or you don't know how to get those in the first place...you could be losing a lot of potential clients.

Get Hidden By Instagram

If things are not working for you now, then it's time to invest and learn a strategy that gets results. Instagram Masterminds will help you do this, and it doesn't require endless hours of your time.

When You Join Instagram Masterminds, You Will...

Get More Organic Reach

Instagram Masterminds will guarantee that your algorithm 'Goodness Score' is increased. You'll learn how to optimize your profile, content, and follower growth while getting free organic promotion from Instagram.

Gain Real Targeted Followers

Instagram Masterminds will help you gain real targeted followers who are excited to engage with your profile. You'll learn how to find them, engage with them so they follow you, and keep them coming back.

Gain New Customers Daily

Instagram Masterminds will get you new customers that actually purchase your products because you'll learn how to market to them correctly. Instagram is a savvy platform with savvy buyers, you need to correctly promote your offers and you'll learn exactly how to do this.

Stay Ahead of Competitors

If you're worried about competition taking your followers or selling their product or service first, then Instagram Masterminds will be your saving grace as it's going to put you ahead and get customers into your funnel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions to ensure you are the right fit for Instagram Masterminds

When Does The Course Start & End?

As soon as you purchase Instagram Masterminds, you'll get instant access to all the lessons, material files, workbooks, and recordings. This course is pre-recored so you can watch at your own pace, and on any device, at any time which best suits you.

Do I Get Lifetime Access?

Yes you do! You'll also get free lifetime updates to the course.

Is This Course Frequently Updated?

Yes it is always up to date with Instagram's updates and algorithm changes.

I'm New To Instagram, Will This Be Too Advanced?

Not at all, in fact if you are new this course is even better as it will stop you from making mistakes as you grow your profile.

Do These Instagram Strategies Work For Any Profile/Account/Niche/Topic?

Yes this course was designed to work for any type of Instagram profile. You'll be able to grow business profiles, personal profiles, reposting profiles, or even niche/topic profiles such as cute corgi dogs.

I'm Getting Blocked on Instagram. Will This Course Help Me?

As soon as you purchase [course name] you'll get instant access to all the lessons, material files, workbooks, and recordings. This course is pre-recored so you can watch at your own pace, and on any device at any time which best suits you.

Do I Need To Buy Anything Else After Enrolling?

Not at all. While I will recommend optional tools inside the course to benefit your growth and speed things up, they are not necessary for your success. If you do decide to use them, it would be roughly an extra ~$50. I do not own these tools, so don't worry about this being an up-sell scheme.

Is There Support Or a Group I Can Join After Enrolling?

Yes you will be able to ask questions directly to Aaron Ward (the instructor) and also get access to our private students only group to get feedback and encouragement from others.

Do You Cover Automation Settings? If Yes, Do They Fix The Blocks Everyone Is Getting?

Yes you will get a complete Instagram automation module. I provide my most up to date settings and strategy for automation. While I cannot promise anything, as everyone is getting blocks, I do find that my settings are running well while Instagram is being picky on people doing mass actions. Automation however is only 5% of this course, the 95% is organic growth methods which I highly recommend you master first.

Why Don't You Show Profiles You've Grown And Their Names?

A lot of the profiles I've managed over the years have been for businesses who I have a non disclosure agreement with. In addition, I like to keep my personal profiles which I run hidden from the public, otherwise it could cause headaches such as being comment spammed, followed by profiles I don't want following me, and other annoyances (I hope you can understand). In addition, I don't share student profiles for the same reason, as I want them to know I take their profile privacy seriously and don't want anything bad happening to them.

Can I Find This Information For Free?

Yes and no. Most of Instagram Masterminds isn't publicly discussed on the internet because well...no other Instagram experts have talked about it (or even know about it). Instagram Masterminds is a complete 360 take on Instagram and works on scientific data of how the algorithm works — I've researched machine learning papers, Instagram developer logs, and documentation regarding Instagram's functionality. While a few things inside the course could be found online...they're usually misleading or outdated, whereas Instagram Masterminds is always up to date proven strategies that work no matter what changes Instagram makes.

How Does The Refund Guarantee Work Exactly?

After you purchase Instagram Masterminds, you have exactly 60 days to watch the course lessons (roughly around 5 hours of content) and put your new system into action. This should be enough time to not feel pressure, and also to see the results Instagram Masterminds can get you. If you are not happy with the results, you can request a refund before day 61. More information can be found here in our Refund Policy.

I'm Busy Right Now, Can I Purchase The Course And Watch It Later?

Yes you totally can. The lessons will always be available to you once you purchase.

I Have Another Question...

No problem. Please message Aaron at aaron@aaronward.com.

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Payment Plan

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Lifetime Course Access

3 Bonus Modules

Private Group Access

Free Updates

Support From Aaron (Instructor)

Bonus Profile Video Review (Normally $50)

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